The M.A. in Religion is an advanced degree for persons interested in furthering their theological and ministerial education.

The M.A. in Religion is offered to supplement the M. Div. Degree at the seminaries. Master of Arts courses at Wayland are accepted into the Master of Divinity Degree at selected seminaries.

The M.A. in Religion is offered to assist students in gaining additional theological training
while actively serving in a local Christian ministry. Many students serve congregations and
other ministries where no accredited Baptist seminaries are located. This degree provides necessary course work to assist in ministry or to support more advanced theological education.

Requirements for the Master of Arts in Religion
The M.A. in Religion gives students the background necessary for work on more advanced degrees such as the Ph.D or Th.D. This degree emphasizes the theological, biblical, and philosophical areas of study. It includes the thesis, which requires students to demonstrate the ability to do independent research. Students considering a career teaching at the college or seminary level should take this degree.

Admission Requirements (In Addition to Those Listed for All Graduate

RLGN 1301 & 1302 plus 12 hours of Religion, Philosophy, and Religious Education.

Course Requirements
12 hours Religion; 6 hours Religious Education; approved
3 hours Philosophy; 6 hours thesis; 9 hours electives. Twelve of the 36 hours must be seminar
courses. The core is 15 hours and includes:
one from Old Testament
RLGN 5332 - Seminar on Issues in Old Testament Interpretation
RLGN 5337 - Seminar on Ancient Near Eastern Backgrounds to the Old Testament
RLGN 5338 - Seminar on Exegesis and Interpretation of Selected Old Testament
one from New Testament
RLGN 5331 - Seminar on Issues in New Testament Interpretation
RLGN 5340 - Seminar on Exegesis and Interpretation of Selected New Testament
RLGN 5341 - Seminar on Studies in the Synoptics
one from Theology
RLGN 5334 - Seminar on Systematic Theology
RLGN 5342 - Seminar on Selected Theologians
RLGN 5343 - Seminar on Topics in Christian Theology
one from Religious Education
RLED 5303 - Seminar on Christian Education
RLED 5316 - Seminar on Topics in Religious Education
RLED 5317 - Seminar on Age-Group Christian Education
one from any philosophy

Specializations - Bible, Theology, Philosophy, and Religious Education
Examinations - Comprehensive written examination; Oral examination.