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Scholarships are gift aid provided by churches, alumni, donors, and organizations loyal to Wayland Baptist University.

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With educational costs rising nationwide, parents and prospective students may believe private education is beyond reach. At Wayland Baptist University, we strive to help our students receive the maximum aid available to them. We offer endowed scholarships based on a student’s major field of study, residency, and/or academics. We match students with various scholarships provided by organizations and companies. Our goal is to help students attain their educational goals.

Thank you notes may be required to receive certain scholarships. Please set up an appointment to complete your thank you note by contacting the Writing Center by phone (806) 291-3670 or by email

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Students anticipating scholarships, with or without federal funds (grants/loans), are required to complete an Institutional Application for Financial Aid in order for their funds to be processed.

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