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Release date: May 29

Wayland dean honored by alma mater

Dr. Georgia M. Flanagan, dean of Wayland Baptist University - Wichita Falls campus, was recently honored by her alma mater for leadership.

The University of North Texas presented Flanagan with an Outstanding Alumni Award for 2001 during the annual Alumni Appreciation Day this spring. The award was specifically presented by the College of Education and the Division of Technology and Cognition.

Flanagan, who has served as dean of the WBU campus since 1990, was one of three four honorees from the department. The university honors one alumnus from each department in each college on the recognition day.

"They told me months ago that I was nominated for the award, and I was very thrilled and pleased," Flanagan said. "It was totally unexpected."

Flanagan received a Bachelor of Science in education degree from UNT in 1953 and her doctorate in education in 1992. She has a master's degree in education from Midwestern State University and has studied with Wayland. Besides serving as the campus dean, with responsibilities of overseeing the entire WBU campus operation, she is also a professor of Career and Technology Education and Business Administration.

She has served as the Base Education Officer at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls for ten years and as the assistant base education officer and chief counseling section for ten years prior. She has been active in a wide variety of Air Force and civilian committees for more than 30 years at Sheppard.