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Release date: April 18 , 2006
Computer certification course offers career options

PLAINVIEW – The Community Classroom at Wayland Baptist University will offer the first of two courses preparing individuals for careers as computer technicians in the summer of 2006.

              “A+ Hardware Certification” will be offered beginning Saturday, June 3, running five Saturdays in June and July from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Community Classroom, located at 708 Yonkers. Subsequent class sessions will be set during the initial session. The second A+ course will be held in fall 2006.

              During the class, participants will learn the skills to maintain and repair personal computers, presented in a lecture and computer-based training and practice testing format. Sam Van Hoose, assistant professor of business administration at Wayland, will be the instructor for the class.

              Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of PC hardware support, electricity and power systems, CPUs and motherboards, BIOS, memory systems, bus structures, expansion cards, data storage devices, removable drives, printers, portable computers and devices, safety procedures and connecting, networking, maintaining and troubleshooting personal computers.

              The class is open to any individual age 16 or older with a familiarity with a computer, keyboard and mouse. Students should possess a general working knowledge of Windows XP operating system.

              Cost for the certification course is $400, plus textbook. The text, CompTIA A+ Certification Core Hardware, is available to order for $87 through the Wayland University Store. Registration and payment is due by May 26.

              Certification in each course is completed by passing an A+ certification test which costs $153. Students must register online for the test after completing the course.

              For more information on the class, call Debbie Stennett at 291-3650.