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Release date: April 18 , 2006
Education group celebrates RIF Week wit Children's home residents

LUBBOCK – Many believe that books carry readers away to another world through their imaginations. That belief came to life recently at the Lubbock Children’s Home as residents traveled through a magical world of reading.

              Members of Wayland Baptist University’s Kappa Delta Pi education honor society celebrated Reading is Fun Week recently by taking their program to the Lubbock Children’s Home, treating residents to an afternoon adventure through books.

              The program was built around the concept of Alice’s magical wonderland, with children going through imaginary “tunnels” built from refrigerator boxes. As they traveled through the tunnel, children came to different stops along the way, where a costumed KDP member would read them a book dealing with different themes.

              In one room, senior Resa Uptergrove of Hale Center donned a raincoat and children sat under umbrellas for the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett, a story about a tiny town threatened by wild, tasty weather. In another area, junior Katie Moore of Sunray wore large glasses and a mortarboard cap, depicting an owl from a barnyard story.

              Still other members dressed as pirates or cowgirls to read their stories. Members enjoyed getting into character for the story-times and children enjoyed the animated experience.

              “These kids were just so excited,” said Elyse Newland, a junior from Plainview who served as a tour guide for the program.

              Member Tracy Rosales, a senior from Plainview, said the project was not only enjoyable and educational for the children but also taught her a valuable lesson as well.

              “I felt like we were doing more than just reading to these kids,” Rosales said. “We were really showing them that someone loved them and cared about them. It really made me realize how much these kids appreciated the contact. It was a real blessing to me.”

              Uptergrove said Reading is Fun Week is celebrated nationwide, with KDP chapters across the nation involved in activities with children. In 2005, a total of 147 chapters participated, involving 2,517 members nationally and serving 24,000 children.

              RIF Week is one of several projects done annually by the Wayland KDP chapter, focused on enriching teachers and promoting literacy and education to students.