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Release date: Jan. 24, 2006
Students in the Spotlight for Scholastic Regional Competition and Exhibit

PLAINVIEW – Students from Lubbock, Plainview and the surrounding region are in the spotlight during the annual West Texas Regional Scholastic Art Competition and Exhibit, sponsored by Wayland Baptist University.

              The exhibit is held in Wayland’s Abraham Art Gallery and features more than 600 pieces from students around the South Plains. The exhibit is culled from more than 1,000 pieces received from area senior and junior high schools and includes the Gold Key and Silver Key winners as well as many pieces receiving Honorable Mention.

              “This is the biggest show we’ve had here,” said Dr. Candace Keller, contest director and professor of art at Wayland. “The level of the work seems to improve every year, and it’s just phenomenal what the students can do.”

              Five pieces are chosen for the American Vision Award, which qualifies the student artist to compete for a nationwide scholarship competition. Those included Polina Drigalenko of Lubbock Coronado High School, who won two awards for mixed media pieces titled “About Leisure” and “Culture Shock;” Sara Elkins of Coronado High for an untitled painting; Shelby Leach of Lubbock Christian High School for a drawing titled “Pain,” and Byungkeun Song of Olton High School for a painting titled “Street.”

              One of the five American Vision winners is guaranteed to be included in the national exhibit to be held at the Corcoran in Washington, D.C. The Gold Key winning pieces also advance to the national competition and have the chance of winning cash prizes, scholarships and a spot in the national exhibit.

              While the submissions were up slightly, Keller said the judging panel chose more pieces for the exhibit this year, which has made the show much bigger than in the past. Judges were John Chinn and Dr. Linda Kennedy of Texas Tech University and Norvelle Maples, owner of The Artary.

              The following pieces were selected for honors and inclusion in the exhibit, listed by school. The winners are listed with their grade, the title of their piece and the medium.


Brownfield High School:

              Gold Key: Luis Rosales, 12, untitled drawing; Silver Key: Joel Isom, 12, “Self-Portrait,” mixed media; Luis Rosales, 12, untitled painting, “Still Life” painting, and “Self-Portrait” drawing; Steven Suarez, 12, “Self-Portrait” drawing; Honorable Mention: Roy Garcia, 12, “Finish Line” mixed media; Jonathan Hagan, 12, untitled drawing; and Steven Suarez, 12, “Still Life” drawing.

Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center, Lubbock:

              Gold Key: Henry Reyes, 12, “Exploring New Frontiers” computer art; Silver Keys: Cameron Frank, 11, “Venus Spaceship” computer art; Jordan Green, 12, “Parallel Universe” computer art; Jeremy Green, 11, “Sound Room” computer art; Matthew Green, 11, “Cell Design” graphic design; Nick Koontz, 11, “A Toy Story” computer art; Angelina Lovato, 11, “A Slice of Heaven” computer art; and Maribel Palacios, 10, “God Bless America” graphic design; Honorable Mention: Adam Anderson, 12, “Chop Shop” computer art; Shawnda Courtney, 11, “Breakfast Beauty” computer art; Jessica Deason, 12, “Spiritual Growth” computer art; Krista Dunlap, 12, “Steel and Granite in Purple” computer art; Nathan Gilson, 11, “Bread and Butter” computer art; Chelsey Mulnix, 12, “Cherries Jubilee” computer art; Katy Shooter, 11, “Glowing Temple” computer art; Paul Stockhausen, 12, “Paul’s Fast Food” computer art; Trenton Tupin, 12, “Shroom” computer art; and Tyler Yocham, 12, “3-D Logo Design” graphic design.

Coronado High School, Lubbock:

              Gold Key: Polina Drigalenko, 11, “About Leisure” and “Culture Shock” mixed media, untitled painting and untitled printmaking; Sara Elkins, 12, untitled painting, “Success” painting, “Thousands of Questions” painting; Lauren Atwood, 12, untitled painting and untitled mixed media; Mason Stone, 12, “Still-Life” painting; Kali Hale, 12, “Basket Weave” ceramics; and Gabriella Martinez, 10, “Holding my Breath” drawing.

              Silver Key: Lauren Atwood, 12, untitled painting; Mia Bain, “Self-Portrait” painting; Jessica Christian, 11, “Self-Portrait with Apples” drawing; Polina Drigalenko, 11, “Surreal Still Life” drawing; Josh Estrada, 12, untitled mixed media; Sara Felton, 12, untitled printmaking; Alex Bradley, 11, “Gazing into the Stars” drawing; Ryan Burt, 11, “Trapped” drawing; Christian Lincoln, 10, “What a Day” drawing; Robert Martinez, 12, “When Lightning Strikes” ceramic; Katy Shooter, 11, “Amelia” drawing; Alex Vasquez, 12, “Day Dreaming” drawing and “Beetle of Egypt” graphic design.

              Honorable Mention: Lauren Atwood, 12, untitled painting; Sara Elkins, 12, untitled mixed media; Tanner Hunt, 12, untitled painting; Krystal Lieck, “Collage Self-Portrait” mixed media; Ekkapok Akkharawiner, “My Face” graphic design; Ryan Burt, 11, “Masks of the Wild” drawing; Zane Elkins, 10, “Sunrise Awakening” drawing; Rebecca Estes, 12, “Horse of a Different Color” graphic design; Leon Reyes, 12, “The God Father” ceramics and “Born and Buried in Texas” sculpture; Matthew Salazar, 11, “The Other Side” graphic design; Brooke Smith, 10, “Oh My Gosh” and “Sunlight” drawings.

Denver City High School:

              Gold Key: Justin Brown, 12, “Control” mixed media; Silver Key: Yesenia Ortega, 11, “A Dozen Heartaches” drawing; Honorable Mention: Justin Brown, 12, “Shaded Memories” painting; James Ford, 12, “Influence” mixed media, “Desolate Life” painting; and “The Grass is Always Greener” painting; Jarod Galvan, 12, untitled ceramics; Justin Rogers, 11, “Red Dawn” painting.

Dimmitt High School:

              Gold Key: Daniel DeLeon, 10, “Perspective” painting; Silver Key: Angelica Padilla, 11, “Katrina” drawing; Jose Silva, 10, “Calla” drawing; Honorable Mention: Ross Myatt, 10, “Bone” drawing; Karmin Ruiz, 11, “Lilly” drawing.

Estacado High School:

              Gold Key: Cayla Barrientos, 11, “Self-Portrait” painting; Daniel Flores, 12, “Perfect Love Affair” painting, “The End” painting and “Mirror Charlie” photography; Nick Moreno, 12, “Peace and Quiet” mixed media; Silver Key: Cayla Barrientos, 11, “Pear” painting ; Daniel Flores, 12, “Bicycle: Closeup” photography; Sarah Mendoza, 11, “Dream Reader” mixed media; Youanny Rico, 12, “Green” painting; Honorable Mention: Eunice Hereford, 12, untitled drawing; Chantel Davis, 9, untitled drawing; Miller Armstead, 11, “Apple” painting; Cayla Barrientos, 11, “Purple Water” painting; Nalves Cade, 12, “Sunflower Cubed” painting; Daniel Flores, 12, “Pledge of Allegiance” photography; Youanny Rico, 12, “Orange” painting.

Floydada High School:

              Gold Key: Mikey Arevalo, 11, “Inner Thoughts” sculpture; Robert Beuning, 10, “Me” drawing; Emily Griffin, 10, “Celebration” drawing; Jennifer Leatherman, 10, “Baby Evan” drawing; Silver Key: Mikey Arevalo, 11, “Life Machine: Mark I” drawing and “Life Machine: Mark II” drawing; Robert Beuning, 10, “A Moment in Thought” drawing and “Interests” graphic design; Susie Flores, 12, “Life’s Treasures” drawing and “Begging for Mother’s Attention” drawing; Emily Griffin, 10, “A Season of Flowers” painting; Lindsey Leatherman, 12, “Complacent” drawing; Jennifer Ramirez, 9, “Canopic Jar” sculpture; Amber Smith, 10, “A Aime’ Ceux (Loved Ones)” drawing; Honorable Mention: Susie Flores, 12, “Innocence with a Smile” drawing; Emily Griffin, 10, “Takin’ the Jump” painting; Mikey Arevalo, 11, “Kristen” drawing and “Gratitude” painting; Robert Beuning, 10, “Survival” drawing; Nicholas Bunch, 12, “Supprize Me” painting; Kendra Covington, 12, “Toe-Work” drawing and “Ecstasy” painting; Jennifer Leatherman, 10, “Bed of Roses” painting; Reggie Martinez, 10, “Sitting Down with a Bottle” drawing; Adam Pule, 10, “Boom Box” mixed media and “Left Alone” drawing; Melinda Ramos, 10, “Still-Life 3” drawing; Amber Smith, 10, “Playtime” drawing.

Frenship High School:

              Gold Key: Brian Vallance, 10, untitled ceramics; Ashley Kizer, 11, “The OH Man” sculpture; Billie Palmertree, 12, “You Know?” drawing; Silver Key: Brent Berensten, 10, “Unseen Creation” sculpture; Jimi Underwood, 11, “Five-Legged Gecko” sculpture; Katie Noble, 11, “The View From Out Here” drawing; Billie Palmertree, 12, “Vegetarian” mixed media; Honorable Mention: Courtnie Stehlik, 11, “Hollow Man” ceramics; Janette Anderson, 9, “Half a Home, Half a Heart” painting; Tarryn Dixon, 10, “Lightening Strikes” painting; Ben Cobb, 9, “My Love” drawing; Latisha Dominguez, 11, untitled painting; Julie Jenkins, 10, “Self-Portrait” drawing; Billie Palmertree, 12, “Tired” ceramics; Ashley Creager, 11, “Color” drawing” and “Paradise Cove” painting; Beatriz Meza, 11, “Faces” drawing; Claire Valdez, 10, “Care to Dance” drawing; Katie Noble, 11, “Cyrus,” “Snow” and “Torn” drawings.

Hale Center High School:

              Honorable Mention: Heather Calderon, 12, “Relaxation” painting.

Idalou High School:

              Gold Key: Natalie DeBusk, 10, “Autumn Ink” mixed media; Silver Key: Mandy DeLeon, 10, “Many Faces of Africa” sculpture; Honorable Mention: Sophia Ceballos, 11, “Coiling Dragon” drawing; Gavino Cervantes, 12, “Radial Design” drawing; Kelly Hill, 12, “Bottles” drawing; Colton Martinez, 11, “The Mask” sculpture; Allison Turner, 11, “Shine” painting.

Idalou Middle School:

              Silver Key: Vanessa Rocha, 8, “Tunnels” drawing; Megan Sales, 8, “Flower Power” painting; Honorable Mention: Danci Parks, 8, “Sunflower” painting.

Levelland High School:

              Silver Key: Trevor Fortner, 12, “Bone Chilling Pitcher” drawing; Honorable Mention: Aubrey Peralta, 10, “Everyday Life” and “Flowers” drawings; David Jaramillo, 11, “The Shoe Drawing” drawing; Kimberly Rico, 12, “Shoe By Pencil” drawing; Justin Sanchez, 10, untitled drawing, “Flowers” drawing, untitled drawing; Ruben Spinola, 12, “Flower” drawing and “After the Scream” drawing.

Levelland Junior High:

              Gold Key: Bobby Garrett, 7, “Hot Rod” printmaking; Silver Key: Luke Samarron, 7, “Joker” printmaking; Honorable Mention: Bobby Garrett, 7, “Tower” printmaking; Luis Gonzalez, 7, “Lobo Eyes” and “Mexican Church” drawings; Priscilla Perez, 8, “Picket Fence” ceramics; Andy Rodriguez, 8, “Thinking of Your Love” printmaking.


.              Silver Key: Ashley McCullough, 10, “Seeking Our Memories Self-Portrait” mixed media, “Grandma’s Kitchen” sculpture; Trasa Poindexter, 10, “Paws and Hands” sculpture; Joanie Reecer, 11, “Individuality” mixed media; Kory Smith, 12, “All Paths Cross” mixed media; Caitlann Wiley, 9, “Unique Boldness” printmaking; Ernest Vasquez, 10, “Explosion” drawing; Landon Cotham, 12, “Soaking it All In” digital imagery; Yadira Guerrero, 11, “Startling Beauty” graphic design; Alexis Hall, “Orange-Backed Chairs” graphic design; Emily Mercado, 12, “Perfection” graphic design; and Brandon Wilson, 11, “Did You Know?” graphic design.

              Honorable Mention: Yvette Gonzales, 12, “Maori Time” drawing, “Mania” drawing, “Vision of Myself” sculpture; Manuel Fierros, 11, “Extreme” drawing; Angelica Fierros, 10, “Sky Gods” printmaking; Ashley McCulloch, 10, “City Life” drawing; Joanie Reecer, 11, “Repression” mixed media; Michael Vasquez, 9, “Samurai” printmaking; Caitlann Wqiley, 9, “Masked In” printmaking; Karen Hernandez, 12, “Fear” graphic, “Fruity Facts” graphic design; April Lopez, 12, “Everlasting” graphic; Kory Smith, 12, “Random Accessed Memories” digital imagery; Lauren Stewart, 10, “Barrier” graphic; Ty Young, 12, “Fruit Facts”graphic design.

Lubbock Christian High School:

              Gold Key: Shelby Leach, 11, “Pain” drawing; Brittany Adkins, 10, “Image of Chelsea” computer art; Eli Brown, 11, “Weiner Dog” sculpture and “Skull Locker Door” product design; Chelsea Cruz, 10, “Crushed Soul” drawing; Bobby Hooten, 9, “Maps” drawing; Silver Key: Brittany Adkins, 10, “Chelsea” computer art; Ashley Carroll, 11, “Dance” drawing; Hanna Haley, 12, “House” digital imagery; Kayla Towns, 10, “Anatomical Drawing of a Horse” drawing; Honorable Mention: Neely Hewes, 12, “West Coast” digital imagery, “Mules” drawing and “Trees” digital imagery; Maudie Olenik, 9, “My Inner Self” drawing; David Mire, 11, “Tree Thing” and “Spider Thing” drawings.

Lubbock Christian Junior High:

              Silver Key: Christiana Virone, 8, “Beauty in Black” drawing; Moses Lee, 8, “Gold Crystal” jewelry; Katy Mire, 8, “Walking on the Beach” photography; Karlee Smith, 8, “Hands” computer art; Alexandra Williams, 8, “Mallory’s Dream” computer art; Honorable Mention: Tatum Noble, 8, “Rip My Jeans, Not My Art” graphic design; Alexandra Williams, 8, “Bright Spot” computer art; Macy Bryant, 8, “Purse” apparel design; Mary Bryant, 8, “Scarf” apparel design; Katy Mire, 8, “Bird” photography; Christyn Owens, 8, “Eggs” drawing.

Lubbock Cooper High School:

              Gold Key: Kurt Limmer, 12, “Sumo” ceramics; Silver Key: Andrew Hill, 12, “Sundae Delight” painting; Kurtis Limmer, 12, “My Many Faces” printmaking; Honorable Mention: Jaymi Perez-Adams, 10, “Self-Portrait” painting; Daniel VandenHurk, 12, “Myself” painting.

Lubbock Cooper Junior High:

              Honorable Mention: Alexandra Weyer, 7, “Blossom” painting.

Lubbock High School:

              Gold Key: Katie Kiser, 12, “Self-Portrait” painting; Austin Limmer, 12, “Blackblue” painting; Nicholas Moore, 12, “Lost” painting; Emily Moore, 12, “Self-Portrait” painting; Trey Tibbitt, 11, “Perspective Drawing” drawing; Lindsey Gutierrez, 12, “Fashion Ad ‘Style’” graphic design; Kasey Nichols, 11, “Not Comfortable with Being” painting; Siyu Xue, 10, “Me” mixed media; Lauren Chapman, 12, “Clifton Dies” sculpture; James Dacey, 12, “Moon Jumper” jewelry; Renee Davis, 11, untitled ceramics; Maura Fowler, 10, “Gonier Teapot” ceramics.

              Silver Key: Gabrielle Bonilla, 12, untitled painting; Melinda Cavazos, 12, “Too Much TV” painting; Efren Marrufo, 12, “Mind’s Eye” painting; Nicholas Moore, 12, “Flashback” painting; Rockie Nolan, 10, “B/W Patter Face” drawing; Sara Sharp, 12, “Love Lies Fleeting” painting; Chelsea Solis-Weaver, 10, “Lady with Coins” drawing; Rebecca Wilson, 11, “Fruit” painting; Norma Borges, 12, untitled painting; Huong Nguyen, 10, “Lady With Scarf” drawing; Brandi Lang, 12, “Me, Myself and eye” drawing; Brittany Lang, 11, “On Colored Wings” mixed media; Fabian Pineda, 11, “Down by the Sea” painting; Melinda Cavazos, 12, “Paradise” graphic; Darik Bradley, 11, “Necklace” jewelry; Myka Bradley, 11, “Passion” jewelry; Edward Camargo, 12, “Peter Peter” sculpture; Lauren Chapman, 12, “Chaos” jewelry; Jennifer Cummings, 11, “Chinese Temple” ceramic; Raymond Salinas, 12, “I.B. Spider” jewelry; Tiffany Sharp, 11, “Applejack Dress” sculpture; DD Liu, 10, untitled sculpture.

              Honorable Mention: Mika Bradley, 11, untitled painting; Cecil Cantu, 12, “Painting of Shapes” painting; Wang, 12, “Invisible Man” drawing; Jennifer Estes, 11, untitled mixed media; Amanda Mayfield, 12, “Four Eyes” drawing; Samantha Mendez, 11, “2-D Perspective Shape” painting; Kristen Slate, 12, “Efren in the Summer;” Nikil Wiswanathan, 12, “Hand of the Beast” drawing; Melinda Cavazos, 12, “Looking Thru You” drawing, “B Fashion Ad” garphic, untitled drawing; Gina Duran, 12, “Eye of the Beholder” drawing; Lindsey Gutierrez, 12, “Fashion Ad for Target” graphic; Kasey Nichols, 11, “Upside Down from Here” graphic design and “...of the Beholder” mixed media; Linda Perez, 11, “Bottle Galore” mixed media; Fabian Pineda, 11, “Nice Face” painting; David Rodriguez, 10, “Nice Face” painting; Tara Ryan, 10, “Bottle Collage” mixed media; Javier Astorga, 11, “The Offering” sculpture; Darik Bradley, 11, “Spoon” jewelry; Joshua Glenn, 11, “Roots of Slumber” ceramics; Emily Headley, 11, “Dragon Pot” ceramics; DD Liu, 10, untitled sculpture; Micheal Perez, 12, “Salad Set” jewelry; Evelyn Rodriguez, 10, “My Little Angel” sculpture; Cody Torrez, 11, “Blue Mood” jewelry; Alex Wheeler, 10, “Persephone” ceramics.

Monterey High School:

              Gold Key: Juan Torres, 10, “Distortion” drawing; Chris Curl, 12, “Apordyptic Armor” jewelry; Michael Gilbert, 12, “Burning Out” jewelry; Melissa Lockname, 12, “Kinokoville” mixed media; Sarah Talley, 12, “Broken Unity” ceramics; Juanita Valadez, 12, “O.D. by Corn” painting; Kiefer Wright, 10, “Doughnut Vase” ceramics

              Silver Key: Kristian Jenkins, 12, “Gone Crazy - Misunderstood” painting; Erika Miller, 12, “Spring” painting; Qion Austin, 12, “My First Self-Portrait” drawing; Kristian Jenkins, 12, “Ending - Rubbish Exotica” and “Mommy ommy” paintings; Courtney Lang, 12, “Lampfeather” painting and “Peacock Flower” drawing; Melissa Lockname, 12, “Amtrac Adventures,” “Verdant Diva,” and “Night on the Other Side” paintings; Sarah Talley, 12, “His Infernal Majesty” painting; Michael Gilbert, 12, “Shattered Visions” jewelry; Andrew Solis, 12, “A Twisted World” drawing.

              Honorable Mention: Gilberto Caballero, 11, “Snow Angel” drawing; Alexandra Duffy, 11, “Superman” drawing; David Orta, 11, “Cascading” painting; Sarah Talley, 12, “Star Gazing by Sunlight” drawing; Haley Harrison, 12, untitled painting; Evan Henderson, 12, “Sunburned Duck” sculpture; Kristian Jenkins, 12, “Papa” drawing; Melissa Lockname, 12, “Mental” jewelry and “Autumn’s Bride” painting; Eric Nelson, 12, “Clay Pot” ceramics; Jimmy Smiley, 10, “Bug” jewelry; Juanita Valadez, 12, “Study of Red” painting; Keiter Wright, 10, untitled jewelry.

Muleshoe High School:

              Gold Key: Chelsi Hawkins, 11, “This is Me” drawing; Kendall Johnson, 22, “Open Hand” drawing; Silver Key: Leobardo Chagolla, 11, “Me” drawing; Caleb Heinrich, 12, “Sitting Casual” drawing; Alyssa Lopez, 11, “Judgement” painting; Ely Villa, 12, “Internal Conflict” drawing; Lidia Villezcas, 12, “Violins” painting; Ariana Diaz, 11, “Ariana” drawing; Holly Hunt, 10, “Stripes” painting; Honorable Mention: David Rodriguez, 10, “Indian Chief” painting; Geoff Sirkel, 12, “Plumbers Pipes” drawing; Madison Smith, 12, “The Long Reach” drawing; Kelsey Tipps, 10, “Me” drawing; Rudy Gonzales, 12, “Car of Many Colors” painting; Irma Torres, 11, “Knife of Colors” painting; Cami Jo Vandiver, 12, “Dreams” drawing; Emily Zackoski, 12, “Dancing in Circles” drawing.

New Deal High School:

              Honorable Mention: Martin Aleman, 12, “Bookie Wookie” drawing; Jesus Chavarria, 12, “Vortex” printmaking; Dustin Eubanks, 12, “Tribal Tunes” drawing; Mackenzie Jones, 11, “Tomato Paste” painting; Tenisha Owens, 12, “Wisdom” drawing and “Pink Orchid” painting; April West, 12, “October Scare” drawing; Derek Williams, 12, “Sand Dollar” printmaking; and Dustin Eubanks, 12, “Lion Pride” printmaking.

New Deal Middle School:

              Silver Key: Mariah Hardy, 8, “Hello” painting; Honorable Mention: Christopher Garcia, 8, “Watch Your Step” drawing; T.J. Gibson, 8, “Still Life” drawing, “Alien World” painting; Grant Griffin, 8, “Aphid Attack” painting; Catarino Madred, 8, “C.J.” painting; Megan Weaver, 8, “Country Life,” “Jack & Jill” and “Megan’s Still Life” drawings, “Lilac” painting; Tyler Campbell, 8, “Ka-Pow” painting; Steven Gomez, 8, “What’s Up?” painting; Mariah Hardy, 8, “Ivy League” drawing.

Olton High School:

              Gold Key: Byungkeun Song, 12, “Street” painting, “Daily Life,” “Sleepy Song” and “Drawing” drawings, “Shark” mixed media; Erika Aguilar, 12, “Circles” and “Life” drawings, “Lone Rider” printmaking; Silver Key: Erika Aguilar, 12, “Outback” drawing; Chase Green, 9, “Soap” painting; Honorable Mention: Erika Aguilar, 12, “Crazy,” “Perplexity” and “Home Court” drawings; Byungkeun Song, 12, “Life” and “6 Windows” mixed media.

O.L. Slaton Junior High, Lubbock:

              Gold Key: Aaron Brown, 9, “Adjustment in my Universe” drawing; Silver Key: E.J. Galvan, 9, “I Will Do It” drawing; Yasha Patel, 7, “Dance” painting; Honorable Mention: Aicha Faye, 9, “Eminence” drawing; and Chelsea Huffines, 7, “Explosion” painting.

Plainview Christian Academy:

              Gold Key: Chandra Harrell, 7, “Six” drawing; Silver Key: Derek Harrell, 8, “Boy at Fence” drawing; Kanon Lee, 8, “Boy” drawing; Chance Sayder, 7, “Hope” painting; Honorable Mention: Derek Harrell, 8, “His ‘Hand’” and “My Hand” drawings; Marcell Ruyne, 7, “Boy w/Book” drawing; Tad Nixon, 9, “True Love” drawing; Andre Morales, 9, “Hand” drawing.

Plainview Estacado Junior High:

              Gold Key: Jessi Cheyne, 8, “Horseplay” photography; Jose Ojeda, 8, “Self-Portrait” drawing; Silver Key: Edward Hernandez, 8, “Still Life Roses” mixed media; Josh Portillo, 8, “Snow on a Tree” painting; Allie Smith, 8, “Still Life Roses” mixed media; Kieran Howe, 8, “Classical Mom” mixed media; Honorable Mention: Zach Baker, 8, “Marie in Fourth Position” drawing and “Self-Portrait” mixed media; Kiely Borchardt, 8, “MaiAna Mae” drawing; Karina Campos, 8, “Still Life Roses” mixed media; Jessi Cheyne, 8, “Old Sink” photography; Matt Cooke, 8, “Self-Portrait” drawing; Kieran Howe, 8, “Still Life Roses” drawing; Skylar Huey, 8, “Bon Sai” and “Fantastic Journey Jungle” drawing; Trinny Marroquin, 8, “Sister” drawing; Adela Minjares, 8, “Still Life Roses” mixed media; Moses Nuno, 8, “Still Life Roses” mixed media; Allie Smith, 8, “My Room is a Jungle,” “6 Horses” and “Lou Petites Danseures” drawings; Beka Stanfield, 8, “The Jungle” drawing; Jaime Vaquero, 8, “Jungle” drawing.

Plainview High School:

              Gold Key: Eric Alvarado, 10, “Gourd” ceramics; Silver Key: Luis Andrade, 10, “Signs” printmaking; Fernando Carrillo, 12, “Leaf Design” sculpture; Honorable Mention: Evan Sanchez, 11, “Drape” drawing; Anabel Batres, 12, “Design Dream” mixed media; Fernanda Carrillo, 12, “Stepping Up” ceramics; Virginia Warren, 10, “Friends to the End” drawing, “Me, Myself and I” mixed media.

Seminole High School:

              Gold Key: Matthew Crumley, 12, “Mattaus” painting; Rachel Hulburt, 11, “Slipper” mixed media; Silver Key: Tacy Caffey, 10, “At a Glance” drawing; Vicky Contreras, 11, “Caras de la Familia” and “Blue Suede Shoes” drawings; Norma Enns, 12, “Pretty in Pink” drawing; Billy Factor, 11, “Culture” painting and “My Shoe” mixed media; Katy Goolsby, 12, “You and Me, Sister” mixed media; Amber Harridge, 12, “She Breaks” mixed media; Anita Martens, 11, “Find a Wasp” painting; Jesse Sawyer, 12, “Nothing to Gain” drawing; Honorable Mention: Jose Olivas, 12, “A-Horse” drawing; Amy Banman, 12, “Faces” painting; Madison Chaney, 11, “Through the Faces of Time” painting; Matt Crumley, 12, “Man’s Bane: Grendle” mixed media; Joey Determan, 10, “The Dark Fairy;” Aggie Fehr, 12, “Worth” drawing; Stacy Fitzhugh, 12, “Danced Confusion” sculpture; Haylee Flowers, 11, “Stare” drawing; Katy Goolsby, 12, “Faces Through Time” painting; Stephanie Grissom, 12, “Audrey Hepburn” drawing; Amber Harridge, 12, “Sent out a Daisy” drawing; Jennifer McMannis, 12, “Everlasting Love” drawing; Erica Perez, 11, “Bugs” painting; Roseanna Siemens, 11, “Young Brother” drawing; and Melody Wright, 10, “Blowing in the Wind” drawing.

Shallowater High School:

              Gold Key: Matt Darden, 8, “Bill Cosby” drawing; Elizabeth Marburger, 12, “Child at Play” mixed media; Kenzie Martin, 11, “The Lady” drawing; Silver Key: Elizabeth Marburger, 12, “Unusual Sunset” painting; Joey Trevino, 12, “Mystery of Music” mixed media; Honorable Mention: Nicole Henderson, 11, “Complex Caution” painting; and Elizabeth Marburger, 12, “Zinnias and Lemons” painting.

Slaton High School:

              Gold Key: Tabidrick Cavanaugh, 12, “T’s World” drawing; Capri Chapa, 12, “Shelly” drawing; Mashaila Enloe, 11, “A Closer Look” drawing; Keegan Etheredge, 11, “Attagirl” drawing; Bryce Hastings, 11, “Flamed Out” drawing; Nochole Jones, 9, “Catch Me if You Can” graphic design; Michelle Pinson, 12, “Ambivalence” product design and “A Closer Look” drawing; Joshua Zavala, 11, “Take Over” drawing.

              Silver Key: Mallory Dyess, 12, “Missing You, My Only One” mixed media; Keegan Etheredge, 11, “Mr. Schoenrock” sculpture; Gabriel Gonzales, 11, “Can You See Me” painting and “Perdiendo mi Seutitos” mixed media; Bryce Hastings, 11, “Contemplation” drawing; Justin Koslan, 11, “Mechanical Macaroni” drawing and “Just Justin” drawing; Cynthia Olivares, 10, “El Caos Esclavira Todo” drawing; Michelle Pinson, 12, “Good Morning” drawing; Joshua Zavala, 11, “Takeover” drawing and “La Sepulcral Mecaina” mixed media; Hanna Nutt, 9, “George W. Bush” sculpture.

              Honorable Mention: Katie Meurer, 12, “Whimsy” painting; Kasey Meurer, 12, “Marks” drawing; Patrick Cruz, 11, “Out of this World” drawing; Mallory Dyess, 12, “What’s in a Name?” drawing; Gabriel Gonzales, 11, “Mean Green” painting; Lorie Maldonado, 12, “Sweet Treats” and “Broken” mixed media; Hope McGlone, 10, “Now Playing: Me” drawing and “Dark Chocolate” mixed media; Jamal Washington, 9, “Nature’s Beauty” sculpture.

Slaton Junior High:

              Gold Key: Felix Casares, 8, “Fee Fee” drawing; Jack Farley, 8, “Wire Face” sculpture; Silver Key: Vyctoria Campos, 7, “B-Vase” product design; Dilon Chancellor, 7, “Dilon” painting; Tiffany Chapa, 7, “Unknown Person” painting; Trevor Morris, 7, “Me” painting; Justin Murdock, 7, “Slick Shoes” painting; Roger Pinon, 7, “All American Futurity” drawing; Tara Purvis, 8, “Tara Christine” painting; Monica Soto, 8, “Self-Portrait” painting; Aaron Torres, 8, “Moose Port” drawing; Nicole Young, 7, “Catty Cat” drawing; Ryan Phillips, 8, “Rainbow Bull” drawing; Honorable Mention: Michael Chapa, 8, “Self-Portrait” drawing; Gabbie Chairez, 7, “Color Wheel” drawing; Anthony Navarette, 8, “Ram” drawing; Vyctoria Campos, 7, “Vyctoria” painting; Juan Esquivel, 8, “Me” painting; Jack Farley, 8, “Killer” sculpture; Charlsi Heinrich, 7, “Purple Kaleidoscope” product; Jorge Hernandez, 7, “Fantastic Jorge” painting; Ashlie Martinez, 8, “Ashlie” drawing; Patrick Martinez, 8, “Patrick” painting; Tara Purvis, 8, “Oriental Fantasy” drawing; Keith Rigoni, 8, “Mystic Pizza” drawing and “Jewels in the Dark” product design; Aaron Torres, 8, “Aaron Face” drawing.

Sudan High School:

              Gold Key:  Diana Hernandez, 10, “Star Spinner” jewelry; Oliva Delgado, 10, “Fire Extreme” jewelry; Preston Kleman, 9, “The Hood” drawing; Silver Key: Preston Kleman, 9, “Three Faces” sculpture; Honorable Mention: Stephen Bryant, 8, “Magnetic Flamingo” sculpture; Colton Crotwell, 11, “Chiseled” sculpture; Olivia Delgado, 10, “Claw” jewelry; Kody Fields, 9, “Me in Myself” drawing; Diana Hernandez, 10, “Snake” jewelry; Preston Kleman, 9, “Preston” drawing; Maggie Lopez, 12, “Flowers-n-Stars” and “Swirls” jewelry; Matthew Montoya, 11, “Gold M” jewelry; Rhett Sain, 8, “Dino” sculpture; James Thomsen, 10, “The Bead” jewelry;

Sundown High School:

              Gold Key: Shelby Chancey, 9, “Serenity” drawing; Benny Reyes, 11, “Barrio Comedy” drawing; Silver Key: Lisa Comacho, 11, “”Child of Mine” drawing; Joseph Shaw, 12, “Rusted Truck” painting, and also for “”Bird Bath” drawing; Christy Rodriguez, 12, “Antique Radio” drawing; Honorable Mention: Amee Cancino, 11, “African Icon” drawing, and for “Out of the Green” Product Design; Jessica Ann Garcia, 10, “A Night Flight” drawing; Jorda Lummos, 10, “Puffin” drawing; Benny Reyes, 11, “Poison Dart Frog” drawing; Joshua Shoemake, 12, “Birds of a Feather” drawing; Kandice Vaughan, 12, “Southern Comfort” drawing; Amanda Cadena, 12, “Summer Repast” drawing; Savannah Hernandez, 10, “Raptor” drawing; Joseph Shaw, 12, “The Head” ceramics; Jesse Shaw, 12, “PATCH” sculpture;

Sundown Middle School:

              Honorable Mention: Michael Brinchman, 7, “Emotions” drawing;

Trinity Christian High School:

              Gold Key: Hollie Lamb, 12, “Diverse Yet Equal” drawing; Jessica Legako, 12, “Lost” printmaking; Claire McGinnis, 10, “Tigger” printmaking; Britany Wesley, 10, “Swingin” printmaking; Brittany Williams, 12, “Cheese” painting; Silver Key: Charmaine Aguas, 11, “Good Night Teddy” printmaking, and for “Somersaults” drawing; Brittany Becker, 10, “Peek a Boo” printmaking; Kelsey Barnes, 10, “Paradise” drawing; Kaitlin Lingo, 10, “Sunshine” painting; Lizzy Losolla, 10, “Repetitive Joy” printmaking; Merry Miller, 12, “Bright” painting, and “Little Boy” drawing; Kathleen Martinez, 12, “Bedtime Bath” mixed media; Ximena Solis-Wever, 11, “Perspective of Me” painting; Britany Wesley, 10, “Aloha” drawing, and “Brittany” painting; Brittany Williams, 12, “Safe” painting, and “Give Me the Heisman” drawing; Kristen Beck, 12, “Speeding into Reality” mixed media; Hollie Lamb, 12, “A Life rough Around the Edges” drawing; Honorable Mention: Charmaine Aguas, 11, “Blissful Ballet” mixed media; Brittany Becher, 10, “Joy” painting; Hollie Lamb, 12, “Unprofitable Servant” printmaking; Kaitlin Lingo, 10, “Reel Art” printmaking; Karleigh Loveless, 10, “Holding Onto the Past” mixed media; Kathleen Martinez, 12, “Breakaway” drawing; Claire McGinnis, 10, “Wow” painting; Merry Miller, 12, “Old Lady” printmaking; Macy Shuemaker, 12, “Hmm” painting; Julianne Stephens, 11, “Cowgirl” drawing, and “Innocence” printmaking; Allan Trennephol, 12, “Go Huskers” printmaking; Brittany Williams, 12, “Just Breathe” painting, and “Go Team” painting;

 Trinity Christian Junior High School:

              Gold Key: Kathleen Felty, 8, “Wave On” painting; Grace McGinnis, 7, “Gourds” printmaking; Briane Moss, 7, “With a Cherry on Top” printmaking; Valerie Taylor, 8, “Circles” mixed media; Silver Key: Madison Parker, 8, “Picasso’s Daughter” drawing; Macie Buxkemper, 8, “Tulips” painting; Christine Everett, 8, “Tropical Flower” painting; Kelsey Groom, 7, “Elfin Beehive” sculpture, and “Softness” product; Jenny Keith, 8, “Hands” mixed media; Alex Killen, 8, “Dragonflies” painting; Brianne Moss, 7, “Horse” painting; Valerie Taylor, 8, “Wolf” sculpture; Keedra Wilsford, 7, “Beach” painting; Baker Benge, 8, product design; Rachel Young, 8, “Bracelet” jewelry;

Honorable Mention: Ashley Barnes, 8, “Bracelet” jewelry; Joshua Gray, 8, “Bird Nesting” product; Katie Hair, 7, “Pillow” product; Jenny Keith, 7, “Handbag” product; Grace McGinnis, 7, product, Natalie Pool, 8, “Crawl” printmaking; Jonathan Saenz, 7, “Guitar” painting; Ashly Sanders, 7, “Field” painting; Kasey Shaw, 8, “Flower” painting; Carter Thompson, 8, “Spider Webs” printmaking, and “Prairie Dog Swimming” painting; Rachel Young, 8, “Horses in a Pasture” painting;  Elisabeth Anderson, 8, “Handprint” ceremics.