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Skills and Dispositions Checklist for Student Teachers


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Rate the student teacher’s performance by checking the appropriate indicator: 3=Acceptable, 2=Needs Improvement, 1=Unacceptable or 0=Not Applicable. Acceptable means that in your judgment the student teacher possesses the social skill or disposition necessary for the student teaching experience. The space provided at the bottom is designed for additional comments.

Please select an option for each question.
3 2 1 0 Scholastic Integrity: prepares for class; uses conference time appropriately
3 2 1 0 Appearance: Dresses as the setting dictates; is well groomed
3 2 1 0 Punctuality: Reliable and responsible in meeting commitments
3 2 1 0 Social Maturity: Interacts with staff and students appropriately
3 2 1 0 Emotional Maturity: Exhibits personal self-control using mature judgment
3 2 1 0 Effective Communication: Uses standard English in oral and written communication
3 2 1 0 Effective Communication: Refrains from inappropriate use of cell phone during the instructional day
3 2 1 0 Role Model: Projects a professional image and positive attitude toward students
3 2 1 0 Receptiveness to Coaching: Seeks and accepts guidance
3 2 1 0 Receptiveness to Coaching: Respectfully accepts constructive criticism
3 2 1 0 Initiative and Willingness: Demonstrates eagerness to participate
3 2 1 0 Interest and Enthusiasm: Displays a positive interest in becoming an effective teacher
3 2 1 0 Cooperation: Works smoothly with professional personnel
3 2 1 0 Motivation: Maintains appropriate level of concern to support student effort and success
3 2 1 0 Diversity: Exhibits acceptance and provides accommodations for exceptional learners



Should you need to share moments of excellence or deeper issues of concern, please contact the University Supervisor and/or the Campus Field Director Coordinator by phone or email.



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